Luxury, Connected.


Team In-Seam

In-Seam is a private marketplace dedicated to revolutionizing the world of personal shopping and styling. Our mission is to serve as the ultimate destination for premier personal shoppers, stylists, and creatives–whom we call Connectors–seeking access to an unparalleled assortment of luxury products from a carefully curated network of global designers. Connectors play a vital role in the synergy of our platform, connecting their respective audiences and our curated designers.

In-Seam addresses the challenge of a broken luxury retail landscape with an overwhelming array of options by providing access and efficiency for the Connectors. The luxury experience, characterized by a highly specialized, tailored, curated, high-touch, high-service, personal relationship-driven shopping approach, has evolved beyond the confines of traditional retail spaces. Connectors now have the flexibility to meet clients anywhere – in their homes, studios, or online, demanding a modern sourcing solution that caters to their unique needs.

In-Seam is optimizing, streamlining, and digitizing VIC (Very Important Customer) relationships into a scalable, luxury connected commerce platform. Boasting the most robust, high-value network of Connectors in the US, we provide our Connector partners with the essential support, access to top brands, and robust infrastructure to enhance their clients’ experience. In this era of disruptive retail, where options abound, In-Seam stands as a beacon for those seeking connected commerce, not just for its time-saving and editing capabilities, but for the seamless synthesis of curated luxury and personalized service that defines our vision for the future of fashion.


In-Seam Connectors NYFW Meetup February 2024

At In-Seam, we recognize that personal relationships are the key to success in luxury. While the industry appears to be defined by customer experiences and striking visuals – be it beautiful stores, engaging events, splashy runway shows, or eye-catching advertising – we know better. The real secret lies in the personal relationships and trusted recommendations curated by Connectors, driving success for all.

We witness firsthand how clients prioritize your Connector insights above all other influences, and we deeply value the trust that you build in your client relationships. You are the essential link between product and client, and that's why we've chosen to affectionately term our personal shopper, stylist, and creative curator partners as “Connectors.”


In-Seam Connector NYFW Cocktail Party February 2024

At In-Seam, being a Connector is not just about making transactions; it’s about working in service to the client relationship. Our role as a luxury platform is to empower Connectors with access, efficiency, tools, information, and resources to better service their clients. We go beyond transactions, optimizing your bandwidth through streamlined access and sourcing support. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, allowing you to focus on what you do best: curating exceptional selections for your clients.

Our user-friendly interface replaces traditional methods such as photo-streams, emails, and texting, ensuring that you have a centralized and efficient hub for your operations. We also go a step further by offering full-collection assortments streamlined onto a single platform, eliminating the need to shop across various sites and stores. Within our White-Glove Service offering, In-Seam also provides exclusive access to personal sourcing support, simplifying the process of discovering the finest luxury products. Finally, our platform facilitates free shipping and offers commissions on all orders, providing essential business benefits that cater to your unique needs as a Connector.

In-Seam is not just an e-commerce website; it's a comprehensive solution tailored for you, the Connector who deserves access to efficiency and the best products, and who serves clients seeking exclusive access to the latest and hard-to-find luxury items. Welcome to a new era of personalized luxury sourcing – we’re so glad you’re here.


Ann Wehren

I've spent two decades working in the fashion industry, gaining insights from various perspectives – retail, wholesale, and buying. In my assessment, luxury retail is broken. It’s decentralized, overwhelming, inefficient, and overly reliant on markdowns. The missing piece is the recognition and support for the Connectors who truly drive the vast majority of value in luxury.

For me, relationships are at the core of the past, present, and future of luxury. Observing the invaluable role that Connectors play in client relationships and recognizing the lack of streamlined resources for them, my team and I embarked on a journey to establish a one-stop platform for anyone serving or influencing clients, and an essential channel for brands to reach new VICs.

My formative experiences working on the retail floor and conducting product knowledge clinics across department stores nationwide shaped my understanding of the market and client behavior. As I navigated various roles in luxury, I identified a misalignment between the retail environment and the client experience. Many retail environments aim to entice clients physically, but top clients highly engaged in purchasing luxury fashion often don't have time to visit stores. Instead, they trust and rely on Connectors to curate recommendations.

In-Seam is our response, providing Connectors with the access, efficiency, tools, and information they need to amplify their status as the top trusted resource for their clients. It's not just a platform; it's a commitment to reshaping the future of luxury by empowering those who define its value.